Creating the perfect Antipasti board

One of our all-time favourite Italian creations is the classic antipasti – traditionally served as the first course in a formal Italian meal, the mixture of cured meats with mixed cheeses of olives, tomatoes and different breads really brings the spirit of gathering friends and family together to share great food and drink. Here we show you some of our top tips on how to create the perfect antipasti board.

The appearance of your antipasti is almost as important as what you include in it, so start by selected the right serving board; it should be large enough so the ingredients don’t look over crowded but not so big it looks incomplete!

Deciding which cured meats will make the cut is always a good starting point – we love the combination of Prosciutto, Spianata piccante, salami Napoli and Mortadella as it covers several different regions of Italy, and offers great variety in texture too. When placing the meats on your board utilise different heights, roll or fold them naturally, mix them up, this will make your antipasti even more appetising.

Now for the cheese! We keep it simple with creamy mozzarella, as the mild flavour really complements the saltiness of the Prosciutto. You can use another of your Italian favourites such as Pecorino (delicious with salami) or rich Dolcelatte, which is equally as good with Prosciutto.

With the main components sorted, it’s time to garnish! A selection of green and black olives, and semi-dried tomatoes dotted around the board will always be a winner, but you can also include a few extras like roasted artichokes or capers if you fancy.

All that’s needed now is some Italian breads; we love using slices of warmed ciabatta along with hand-rolled grissini (Italian breadsticks) which have a lovely crisp crunch to them. Focaccia works great here too. Antipasti assembled, it’s time to site back, relax and enjoy your creation – preferably with a glass of Prosecco or Spritz in hand.

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